Thursday, March 7, 2013

How To Praise Kids

Have you ever thought about how you praise your child? 'Good boy !' , 'Wow', 'You are such a nice girl', 'Very good', 'Amazing!  I am so happy', 'Awesome'...these may be phrases which might cross your mind.

Very often the praise we give to our kids don't have the desired effect. You will be surprised to know that many a times it leaves a child confused.This is usually because our communication is made from the point of  view of the adult. The child is given a message that the praise giver is happy but it leaves the child wondering what exactly caused you to be happy. Hence the child focus shifts to making mom or dad or teacher happy, instead of doing more of  the act which elicited praise.

Here's a EASY way to give effective praise to children.

E: Provide Evidence - what did I observe - state it clearly
A: What Action from the child caused it
S: Say what  the actions tells about ...
Y: ...Your child   [ Highlight the quality you want to see more of ]

Examples?  Here are a few:

What a clean room this is ! (Evidence)  You have taken care to put your toys away after playing with them (Action). I am so happy means you are a child who can be so responsible about your belongings and your room.

I see you have finished your homework. You did it on your own without a reminder from me. It shows you can very well manage your studies when you decide to do it all by yourself.

I noticed you were very kind to your younger sister when you let her play with your toys. I am very pleased. I know that you can be a kind and caring child .

Your plate is clean !  Wow have finished eating all your food. I know you want to be strong and eat all that is given to you.

Some Do's and Don't

Be explicit in stating the qualities that you want in your child - courteous, punctual, tidy, caring, responsible, funny, sensitive, brave, etc

Avoid leaving a negativity at the end of the praise - 'Wow you have finished your food, this time at least', 'You are on time, for once'

 Be enthusiastic in your praise

When someone else praises your child, make it EASY for him or her by explaining the actions which obtained the praise.


vivek said...

Really if we wish to see the change be the change. Be positive and really children will respond positively. Very nice example sir.

Vivek, IWS, Ahmednagar

Nidhi Shukla Pandey said...

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shankha said...

sir,this is to inform you that my daughter is studying in class 3 of the Chhawni branch,Indore,MP.She is studying there from the very nursery class. Since last year,the over all situation of the school has terribly deteriorated. This is in all aspects like food quality,cleanliness,workers' response,response from the teachers,study qualities,dealing with the students.I feel the overall warmth which used to prevail is lost.Many good teachers have also left. In spite of repeated requests from different parents,nothing substantial has been done.My very purpose of keeping my daughter there is gradually been lost.If this doesn't change promptly,i will be forced to take my daughter out of your school. Pls look into the matter with due gravity and make suitable changes.Your institution needs your immediate attention..Thanks sir...
.......dr somen bhattacharjee.. (Father of Miss Swastika Bhattacharjee Class 3C)