Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Favourite Books on Education, Parenting and Psychology

The Leader in Me This is one of the first books which inspired the journey of Indus World Schools towards a 21st Century learning framework and confirmed our belief in the affective over the cognitive.

Summer hill... a very deep book on every aspect of education from one of the early father figures of progressive education

Howard Gardner's insightful book on what our children must learn today to be successful 30 years from now


Schools must adpt 21st century workplace cultures, if those values need to be passed on to the children. A must read for school leaders who want to break the boundaries of hierarchy and create open culture in school.

The ultimate book of parenting communication. A must read for all parents of young children.

The self reflection and self-awareness book for all. This book is NOT about smart management of time or priorities. Use it for value clarification and questioning life's priorities. School teachers and educators should read this alongside Leader in Me.

A timeless classic. For creating some deep insights on how personality gets shaped in children from the earliest ages using some simple easy to use constructs. Another very useful book for reflection and self-awareness.

The Last Lecture
As a parent, what legacy of life-scripts do I want to leave for my kids? Join Randy Pausch on his journey of exploration and reflection in the final phase of life.


Seymour Papert's classic on technology in education. A book written in eighties but still relevant today !

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